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Lithuanian Technical Library (LTL) is a library of national significance, which accumulates the collection maintenance of books, technical and economy periodic, documents on industrial property, company catalogues, normative and other documents.

The collection maintenance of printings is accumulated in accordance with the developing trends of economy, agriculture, industry and science.

State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania is a founder of Lithuanian Technical Library (since 1998). The Library is funded from the State budget. On 1 February 1999 the Library established a Patent Information Center, which is a deposit library of patent documents of Lithuania, foreign countries and international organizations.

LTL is a public library, available for all the citizens and legal entities of Lithuania and foreign countries. The Library performs the functions of the methodology center of technical libraries network, Interlibrary Exchange System (ILL) and International Interlibrary Exchange System (IILL).

The Library participates in the project of Integral Information System of the Libraries (LIBIS).

LTL is a member of Lithuanian Librarians’ Association (LLA) and Lithuanian Research Library Consortium (LRLC).

There are a center, 17 departments and 10 reading-rooms in the Library. The Library numbers 113 employees  (85 of them are the professional librarians). We have branches in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Panevėžys.

The readers of the Library can use printings and documents in the reading rooms, in the lending rooms, in ILL and IILL. The necessary material is copied, printed, scanned, recorded on the discs etc. When searching for information, the readers may use traditional as well as computer catalogues. The information is provided orally, in written, via telephone, e-mail and fax.

The Library provides fee-paying services for contracted legal entities (organizations).