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Lithuanian technical library (LTL) is a special library of national significance, forming a specialized scientific and technical information documents fund, accumulating and protecting patents, standards , technical regulations and other technical documentation. These documents are part of national published documents press archive and (or) part of depository fund, ensuring the availability for library users and visitors. Prints fund is set up considering the Republic of the economy, agriculture, industry and scientific development direction.

Lithuanian technical library’s founder (since 2016. January 1st.) Is the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence. Library is financed from the state budget.

LTL is in the public domain library and all Lithuanian and foreign citizens and legal entities have the right to use it.

The library performs the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) depository and PATLIB (Patent Library’s) center functions.

LTL provide guidance for the technical field of special and National Defence librarie‘s that are in System institutions, perform interlibrary loan (ILL) and international interlibrary loan (IILL) center functions.

About 8 000 registered users, more than 40 000 physical visitors, more than 250 000 virtual visitors uses librarty‘s servise anualy. It is issued 180 000 copies of publications and documents and it is done around 7 000 queries during the year . About 200 thematic (publications and documents, Lithuanian technical heritage), the anniversary dates of the commemoration, art and photography exhibitions and other events, launched each year.

We offer information services contract, then servicing legal entities (organizations).

The library is the member of a Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS): together with other libraries in the system prepares Lithuanian Libraries Union Catalogue. LTL issued readers card (unified LIBIS system readers card) grants the right for information user to use all LIBIS system‘s libraries services.

LTB is the member of Lithuanian Librarians' Association (LLA) and Lithuanian Research Library Consortium (LMBA).
Implementing information and cultural projects, developing the range of services and the quality the library works closely with businesses, various institutions and public organizations.

Library structure: management, information services and communications center: Department of Electronic Information, Reader Service Department, Department of Communication; Information Resource Center: Information Resources Management Department, Publications and document storage Department, digitization and visualization department; General Affairs Department; Kaunas department; Klaipeda department; Panevezys department.